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More Hate For The Emoji Movie

More Hate For The Emoji Movie

More Hate For The Emoji Movie

By WillWam with 442 views

Everyone likes emojis, right?

Well, yes! I think a lot of people love using emojis to express themselves, for instance:


You have no idea what that means, but it looks cool!

My Problem With The Movie

The movie itself makes me cringe so much I want to scream into a pillow. I mean, honestly, the whole emoji movie is an AD. In case you haven't noticed, the movie is basically just trying to get you to buy Dropbox, get Candy Crush, and dance to your favorite beats on the Just Dance app.

The Rotten Tomato Ratings

So when I saw this on my screen at home, I knew instantly there would be tons of memes on this movie. And when I later saw the reviews? Forget it.

Rotten Tomatos

#RottenTomatoEmoji am I right 🤢?

Seriously, the average votes were 2.7/10. 9 people voted fresh tomato, with 101 more people combatting the votes with a rotten vote. Maybe I just haven't looked at the Rotten Tomato website that often, but these are some of the worst movie reviews I have ever seen. Let's look at a few:

It would be hard to forgive The Emoji Movie its "meh" plotline and the fact that it is literally one giant ad for apps, but its most unforgivable sin is that it perpetuates the notion that emojis are childish.

~ Clio Chang

There's a justifiable self-loathing running through The Emoji Movie, a fragile attempt to (sigh) deconstruct the meaning of Emojis while also (sigh) demonstrating the profound possibility that Emojis are the language of the future.

~ Darren Franich

Young kids and their adult parents are the only people who'll be able to find some value to The Emoji Movie. Anyone else will probably just smash their smartphone in a bout of raging frustration.

~ Rachit Gupta

And my personal favorite:

Also last but not least, our sympathies for Patrick Stewart, who lends his voice to the poop emoji. Yes, you heard that right.

~ Renuka Vyavahare

Whoa. The Emoji Movie is getting slammed by these people, and to be honest, I agree with every single one of them. And honestly, one of the only positive reviews I could find pretty much said:

Eh, I guess it had to happen

Congratulations Sony, you officially created one of the most hated animated movies in human history.

So if you somehow have been avoiding the Emoji Movie crisis for the past year, please email me because I need to know how you did it. Just don't ever watch it if you want to keep your sanity.

The final conclusion is basically this:

Instead of empowering the Emoji Movie ads, empower my first ever tweet and join the anti-emoji movement:

If you enjoy content like this, or you hate the Emoji Movie (#Death2EmojiMovie movement), be sure to subscribe to my mail list (to make me happy), or check out my Patreon page (to support me and buy me coffee).

All reviews taken from rottentomatoes.com

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